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Healing the way its meant to be.

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Warrenton Oxygen Wellness (WOW) provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) services to the local community. WOW’s mission is to enhance wellness and enable healing for all who walk through our doors.  


What is HBOT?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a technique for saturating all our cells with oxygen.


How Does it Work?

Oxygen is critical to every cell in your body, and HBOT delivers oxygen to every cell in your body, even those parts that are injured or impaired.


Benefits of HBOT

HBOT helps you get a good night's sleep, lower inflammation, prevent infection, boost immune health, and so much more.

To provide healing to any and all who walk through our doors.

Warrenton Oxygen Wellness (WOW) provides a path to health by giving the body what it needs to flourish. At WOW, you are not a client—you are a VOP—a Very Oxygenated Person. WOW works with VOPs to provide adjunct therapy alongside traditional medicine. Our VOPs range from well-conditioned athletes and VOPs who want to maintain their overall health and wellness to individuals recovering from illness or injury.

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Low Thyroid

I was diagnosed with low thyroid about thirty years ago and have taken prescription medications to keep the symptoms under control for most of my adult life.  


After installing an HBOT chamber in our home, I began diving regularly.  Although doubtful at first that HBOT would change or help my thyroid, I stopped taking the evening pill.  I had done that once before and became disoriented and shaky.  This time, there were no symptoms at all.

Since I was scheduled for a complete checkup with blood work in August 2020, I stopped taking both pills.  I felt fine and my bloodwork came back completely normal.  The only thing I had been doing differently was diving in the HBOT chamber once or twice a week.  I have had no further symptoms, and feel that HBOT has healed my thyroid gland. 

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