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(Very Oxygenated Persons)


What to Expect

When you arrive for your first dive, we will show you our HBOT chambers, give you an overview of how it works, and have you change into 100% cotton scrubs in our dressing room. Each VOP will be fitted with their own oxygen mask and breathe high-purity oxygen to see how it feels.
A TV is mounted above the WOW hard chambers so you can have access to a movie, show, or listen to music while you dive. The WOW soft chambers do not have the capability for TV, but books and magazines without newsprint are allowed. We also have chamber-approved Bluetooth headsets so you can access your mobile device to listen to music or books. We'll review how to equalize your ears as you go through the pressure changes during your dive and you will learn some simple hand signals as a backup to the intercom.

After the chamber is closed, your operator will start the descent to your target pressure. The WOW operator will make sure you’re able to equalize your ears during this process. Once you reach target pressure the operator will inform you your dive time has started.  At that point, you can just relax – sleep, read, etc.

When your time at pressure is completed (typically 60 minutes), your operator will let you know and begin releasing the chamber pressure for your ascent to ambient pressure. Once you get back to ambient pressure, your operator will open the chamber, help you get out, and you’ll do a quick debrief so you’ll have a reference point for your next dive.

The first word from just about everyone after their first dive is: “WOW!”


Cotton Scrubs

You’ll be able to change into our 100% cotton scrubs in the WOW dressing room before entering the chamber.


Individual Masks

Each VOP will be given their own mask for a personalized treatment.


Relax and Enjoy

During your dive, you can listen  to music, watch TV, read, or sleep. (Soft chambers don't permit watching TV).

Schedule your first dive.

Safety Considerations

For everyones safety, the listed items are FORBIDDEN in our Hyperbaric Chambers. For a more complete list, download the Preparations Checklist.

  • Cigarettes, matches, or lighters

  • Mobile / cellular phones

  • Hearing aids

  • Batteries

  • Electronics or anything with an exposed switch

  • Watches or jewelry

  • Keys, coins, or money

  • Perfume or fresh nail polish

  • Medication

  • Metal objects that are not part of the Chamber

  • Cosmetics, make-up, or hair gel

  • Non-approved skin lotions

  • Newspapers

  • Shoes

  • Synthetic clothing material

  • Any static-producing clothing

  • Anything containing oil, grease, or alcohol

  • Any other items deemed unsafe by a Hyperbaric technician

Prohibited items
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