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Read the Forms & Policies

Prior to your first appointment, please review the policy forms below.  These policy forms will also be accessible through your OnPatient profile after your first appointment has been scheduled.  OnPatient access described below.  


Download the Checklist

Please review the link below to view the preparation checklist that includes items forbidden from the chamber area.  This is a strict policy for your safety and ours.


Schedule Your Dive

Have you read the forms and checklist?  Great!  Call us at 540-216-3474 to schedule your first appointment and get ready to say “WOW!”

Creating an OnPatient Profile

When your first appointment is scheduled, you will be invited to create an OnPatient profile via email.  (This invitation expires in 7 days.)  OnPatient will ask for your date of birth, phone number and to create a password.


Before arriving for your first appointment, log in to your new OnPatient profile to complete the intake information (medical history, medications, allergies, etc.). Click the “Check In” button that appears next to your upcoming appointment date to complete electronically. Before submitting, you MUST READ and acknowledge the policy forms at the bottom of the intake information section.


Please arrive 15 minutes early to your first appointment to review your information.


WOW Forms

Read all of the below forms in their entirety. These are the same forms you will review and sign online when you create your OnPatient Portal.  If you are unable to access the OnPatient Portal, we can review the forms when you arrive at WOW for your first dive, so make sure you arrive 15 minutes early.  

Schedule your dive.

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