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  • Is HBOT covered by insurance?
    Some HBOT treatments are covered by insurance, depending on the insurance provider and health issue being treated. WOW is not able to take insurance for payment, but will provide receipts and documentation so our VOPs can file for reimbursement from their insurance provider.
  • What does “equalizing my ears” mean?
    During a dive, you’ll get the same sensations that you feel when ascending or descending in an airplane – your ears “pop” with the pressure changes. Equalizing your ears helps your body acclimate to the pressure. Common tricks to get your ears to “pop” are: yawning, swallowing, wiggling your jaw, and the Valsalva Maneuver, all of which will be explained by your WOW operator. Your operator will help you equalize your ears as you descend to pressure. If they don’t equalize right away, no problem! Your operator will pause your dive until your ears catch up, then continue.
  • How should I prepare for my appointment?
    Read the forms on our Scheduling page and be ready to sign them upon entering the WOW center. We provide you with 100% cotton scrubs and linens. For your safety, some restrictions apply (makeup, jewelry, electronics, lotions, etc. are not allowed). Your orientation with our hyperbaric staff will cover all preparation instructions. Avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcoholic products​ 2 hours before and after session.​ Wear slip-on shoes for your convenience walking from the dressing room.
  • What can I wear inside the chamber?
    You will wear 100% cotton scrubs provided by WOW. The scrubs are the only apparel allowed in the WOW HBOT chambers.
  • What can I bring inside the chamber?
    NOTHING is allowed inside the chamber except you (wearing 100% cotton scrubs), and a physical book or magazine without newsprint. A TV will be mounted above the WOW hard chambers, so you can watch a movie or show or listen to music while you dive. The WOW soft chambers do not have the capability for TV or music, but books and magazines without newsprint are allowed.
  • How do I get started?
    Give us a call to schedule your first dive: 540-216-3474
Still have questions? Give us a call!
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